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How To Prevent Tooth Erosion

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Thomas Mahar
How To Prevent Tooth ErosionTooth erosion refers to the loss of teeth' upper surface due to their exposure to acidic content during food or drinks or even stomach acids. Ideally, your teeth are covered by the hard outer layer, the enamel, which prevents attacks from bacteria and other infections. Tooth erosion, therefore, exposes the inner soft tissue of the teeth to bacteria and infections that, when left unattended, worsens, calling for a tooth extraction procedure. So how do you prevent your teeth from erosion?

Intake of Foods that Strengthen Enamel

The enamel is the cover of our teeth and ought to be protected at all costs. Eating food that strengthens it ensures its stability and lifespan against the daily attacks from bacteria. Calcium-rich foods are the recommended products that strengthen the enamel creating a strong barrier against the attacks from the bacteria interfering with the inner soft tissues.

Minimize Sugary Foods and Drinks Intake

Sugary foods dispose of sugar contents in the mouth, feeding the bacteria significantly. The bacteria then eats up the enamel, damaging the teeth such as erosion. Tooth cavities and dental caries are massively associated with sugary foods intake, for instance. The same applies to acidic drinks, which release acidic deposits softening the enamel.

Avoid Over Brushing

While brushing teeth is crucial in preventing dental-related infections, doing too much of it causes more harm than benefits. Furthermore, using hard bristles goes a long way in deteriorating your enamel, contributing to tooth erosion. Ensures you pick a soft bristle when purchasing a new brush next time. Our dentist advised us to wait 30 minutes after eating before brushing to give time for the saliva to neutralize the left acids in the mouth and avoid losing softened enamel.

Go for Regular Check-ups.

For a healthy dental environment, see a dentist regularly. At our offices, we clean and examine patients' teeth to detect oral conditions at their earlier stages for proper interventions. Contact us and book an appointment today.

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